Saturday, December 11, 2010


In late August my SilvanaMondo blog was suspended, kidnapped, cancelled ...again. Third time. I have an eye for detail, tis true, but not for tech detail, like updates, calendars, directions on the back of boxes or spy ware. Anyone's guess on what exactly happened is as good as the next, I'm not taking it personally. There is a lesson there, somewhere.  The elusive 'perfect blog' is... elusive.
In the meantime... SMondo, (until I get my SilvanaMondo name back) is where I will bring back my translations of what is interesting to me, in the worlds that make up culture, politics, food and travel.
I document everything with my Blackberry exclusively.  Lots of pics of me, of course & the dear ones. Here we go.


  1. That's a terrible shame. You might consider switching to Wordpress; I've only had good experiences with it, and everyone who has switched to it from Blogger says it's much more user-friendly.

  2. M, thank you for the suggestion. I actually have it in mind, as I had a WP site before, just never taken care of hosting/domain/set up myself, always through others..and this is where the rub is - no control. It'll take a bit of cash to get back (bizarre but true)hence my ramblings on this temporary page.
    At the risk of sounding ridiculously teenageresque, I will mention that I adore GS. Thanks for taking a look. SMondo