Monday, December 13, 2010

Coffee Rituals

I have thousands of pictures - images and stories  played out in coffee cups.
Often as I look over the pictures I see the symbols but sometimes the subconscious synergy that was present at the moment of understanding is no longer and I'm left with just grounds. Looking over the pictures makes me realize that this ritual of drinking coffee- and drinking together - is what we take away as our heritage. We carry it in our suitcases far away - a pound of coffee, a pound of sugar, a dzezva.  It is rooted deep in the fabric, the socialization of generations of Bosnians, sitting around a table and drinking small vessels filled with sludgey coffee. We all carry the memory, irregardless of what area we come from or what we call ourselves.  I like introducing this ritual  to others who don't know it. I look at it like throwing a pebble into a clear and still lake. Moving things around. I like to get people talking & using their imagination.

When I think of coffee I see a typical Bosnian family: hospitable, likable, with deep roots of tradition that often conflict with the image presented. In the coffee rituals I hear tales, bons mots intertwined with laughter, smoke, mirth & hints of bitter chocolate.


  1. I miss our Bosnian coffee breaks. As Ariel said the other day, "how do we know what's happening in our lives without our coffee breaks?!"

  2. Awww, I just saw this comment, obviously not paying attention to the attention I'm getting here! I miss them too and there will be an acceleration, dare I say 'orgy' of coffee drinking going on in the future. Must not let that pass us is important to keep our circles.