Friday, December 31, 2010

Monsterous Pressure

Pic for the 'Hybrid Monster' series organized by Sezin Gaga Menekshe Rajandran
Does it seem like I am trying to make up for lost time? I am. Just like driving in the car when I have no way of recording my genius ideas, last minute get ups (beating the New Year clock strike Twelve comes to mind) are the best creative motivation for me.
I can think of everything I ever wanted to say and do and write it down in 5 minutes or less. Pressure. It's my creative monster deep in the womb cave. Comes out only when the fire is hot.
But really, I would like to tame that and just be one of those lovely people that have a time frame and not too absurd aversion to actually sitting down and putting it 'down on paper' as it were. Goal number 642.

Oh, and then there is the ocean of memories and stories that simply flow out of me when I am ironing.


Goal number 643. Talk into a microphone while ironing shirts and socks.

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