Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dancing became my very Reason

                                             (image from Kurdish Globe article)

I found a beautiful site akaKurdistan  while researching 1930's Persia late one night and was charmed by the adventure: cross-culture multi-culture overlapping stories - these that are so deeply embedded in my imagination.

'When, after the tragic death of my father, the Emir,
I fled from my revolt-stricken country,
dancing became my very reason for living, my life's aim.'

 Leila Bedirkhan.

Kurdish Globe has another view into the life of artist/dancer Leila Bedirkhan.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday in Spring

Expectant. Things come together and things fall apart. Ebb and flow.
Hard to judge which part of the waiting process is useful and instructive and which part is useless and wasting precious time.
Lots of positive movement lately. I went to my first yoga class with Megan, put up two blogs for summer projects and am up for a couple of perks in each of my two jobs. This is all very exciting. At the same time, I am forced to go through the dreaded and hated 'decision making process'. It's easy for some. Not so much for me. Making decisions involves others - the kids, the family. It's the fact that my decisions affect them directly that paralyzes me. What if I muck it up? I am afraid and excited at the same time.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

100 Fildzana

My entry in the '100 Days 2011' for this year is '100 Fildzana' - Pictures and Symbols in Coffee Cups (Fildzan)

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100 Days 2011: Spike and Shy Wonder Why

 New addition to 100 Days 2011, an interactive blogging experience. In collaboration with Miss A aka 'The Girl'.
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


If I were a Rich Man....part of me would want to immediately purchase a sting of these...

but probably I would run to contact someone about this, just in case boredom sets in with the sound of wheels...

oh but wait, there are all these places too .

And these...

Need I even mention boats....or this little river traveler...

Right now I need to get dressed and go to work this was just a little exercise in remembering who, what, where, when.