Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Ok, on to other things besides coffee. {I think we have established what will go on in that section of the blog. I drink coffee, my Bosnian heritage comes out of the closet, I have connections and insight from years of experience. And. I take pictures of coffee cups because they have symbols in them that are either
a) fun for gossip sessions amongst bored housewives who are looking for divertissment
b) an important social integration 'game' used to process subconscious stirrings in the mind, body and soul that need a healthy outlet and loving interpretation by supportive staff/friends/family
c) a way for clairvoyants to interpret their visions.}
Anyway you look at it, it is a theme in this blog that I hadn't really planned on...so pardon our mess while we figure out where we are going with the remainder of this instinctive rune that has turned up.

For the rest, not to be too politiky or anything, but Richard Holebrook died yesterday and his last words were 'got to get out of Afghanistan'. Nice exit Richard, thanks ...from the guy who brought us The Dayton Peace Accord (sic) and we all know how that's working out NYT. None the less, fierce man, great big personality, obviously incredibly intelligent and well endowed (you know, mentally). Observing him bend the will of others around the world will be missed.

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