Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Yolk

The Girl has never liked eggs. Doesn't like them fried or scrambled or anyway at all. The only thing she will accede to is eating the white of a boiled egg. Otherwise her nose turns up.  A bit because of the fuso orario or time zone change and a bit of course because we are in a different country, our eating habits have changed drastically (with the exception of cookie eating). Lots of different food. Not anything unrecognizable really, just regular items that we are used to at home  - but with color!

Technicolor local Olive Oil

 In showing the Girl around I hear myself saying over and over again; 'taste it, it's different here', 'try it, you will like it'.

Last night, long after dinner passed when we were too lazy to go into town to eat we became hungry. Lazy, hungry and jet lagged people usually have few choices when in a state of sudden crazed hunger except for crappy room service or fast food.  Since we crazed and hungry two are, however, living in a tiny Tuscan village, we are luckier than most even when there is 'nothing' to eat.  Here food is revered, adored, eaten with gusto and respected. It is normal to eat good food. So we... Had this......

Olive Oil, Aceto Balsamico, Pane Toscano
along with this....


and for the first time the Girl, who has always said eggs are 'disgusting' finds that this is not always true after trying and then eating, all of this.....

Tata Luanna's farm frash eggs 

This simple meal was as satisfying as if we had eaten at a stared restaurant anywhere in the world.

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