Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Poppies Rave in Pienza

When we arrived the poppies were in full bloom along the sides of the rural roads from Siena to Buonconvento and Bagno Vignoni. Now, a month later, coinciding with what might be some sort of ironic quarterly roadside cleanup, the big grass cutting machines are out chopping the grass, poppies included, from the sides of all the local roads. I saw the choppers first the other day when we went to Montepulciano. Today on my way to Pienza to visit the Gelateria Toscana, where they make gelato artigianale, I saw the choppers again. The poppies in the meantime have spread all over the country side, through the fields, onto the hills. Looks just like a Monet painting

A giardino in Bagno Vignoni

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