Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mille Miglie 2012

La Mille Miglia 2012
What an exciting day today along the ancient via Cassia ! The Mille Miglia or 1000 Mile race - came through San Quirico d' Orcia which is a few miles up the street from us and we drove up for a quick visit to cheer on the participants in their beautiful machines.  Hundreds of Ferrari's, Porsche's, Mercedes, Bugatti and other cars passed us by with every kind of driver - young and a bit older and of all nationalities.

The famous Nuvolari Statue
 I remembered that the last time I saw the Mille Miglia, Susan and I were both preggers with our first children and quite giddy about the whole thing - being there and all and I felt the same today with Ani. Somewhere there is a picture of us with a glass of (very minuscule, of course) prosecco in one hand and a couple of handsome boys at our side....

One day, I think I might like to try the Mille Miglia....

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