Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How the Italians Do It

 Spuntino. Roughly translated it means 'snack' in Italian. Little bit of something to satisfy a desire, not necessarily hunger. A plate of this or that with a short glass of wine, a casual conversation with friends over a small white cup of espresso ....

It was fairly quiet this afternoon,  the rush of the lunch crowd already gone when the Arizona beauty and I came for a quick peek at the new Italian breakfast/lunch spot on the ever hip 32nd Ave in NW Denver.

Decor is simple, the colors are soothing and because we have momentarily entered Italy and not Starfucks, I am overjoyed when I see that Mr. Parisi carries real ceramic cups with which a person can enjoy a single, short,  Italian espresso.

The gorgeous corner windows are the same as before, good for daydreaming and getting a 'through the glass' suntan on a freezing bright winter day.

We split a lovely Piadina sandwich
with prosciutto, stracchino and the ubiquitous arugula.

From there, we just jumped right off the wagon and delved into the gelato.
 The show case was all pretty colors; light greens and delicate pinks, dark chocolate and intense purple berry, pretty little containers of semi freddo desert, mounds of airless gelato.

                   Popsicles with weird but cool combinations like Cerlery and Lime

                                                  and Blackberry Basil.
                                                 Not to mention Nutella.

Compliments of the house we were the first to sample the Strawberry/Fior di Sicilia combination which was delightful with a hint of Rose and fresh burst of summer red. What a great little place to visit. Often.


  1. Beautifully written by a beautiful goddess!

  2. Goddess! It takes one to know one! Thank you for the compliment and for taking the time to visit my blog. I enjoyed myself very much, your company is delightful,as always.