Monday, July 1, 2013

Bosnian Protests Continue

Bosnian Protests Continue

Bosnian protests against corruption, stalemate and elitist politicians continues today as a statement to their politicians and to the world. No more! You're fired!
  1. Scanning the news out of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Twitter since this morning, where massive protests were called for on July 1st in Sarajevo by the grassroots#JMBG organizers

  2. Thousands came out to declare that they are fed up with a government that does not work for it's people
  3. The whole month has been leading up to this projected turn out.  Yesterday saw a cadre of young people organized in groups to discuss their future and the future of protest and activism in Bosnia using Social Media to gather people, ideas, opinions. 
  4. Twitter & Facebook has been bustling with people sending in pictures of themselves, friends, family declaring support for the protests in Sarajevo today and tonight. Other parts of Bosnia created their own but many came to the capital with the occasional group from the RS entity chiming in via Facebook.

  5. According to the Sarajevo Times, Bosnian protesters  are demanding that in addition to a swift resolution to the JMBG amendment lingering in Parliament, that a fund be created for sick children culled from a reduction in parliamentary salaries.  Whether this suggestion will be heeded or not is anyone's guess.
  6. In the meantime the thousands of people that streamed into Sarajevo today from as far away as Belgium were not nearly the ten thousand that were reported in the streets earlier last week.
  7. It's evening in Bosnian now, and there has been heightened awareness from international media outlets now reporting today's demonstrations .  Aljazeera Balkans, covering the addition of Croatia into the EU for most of the weekend, today published the #JMBG logo on their digital magazine front page which was taken as a sign of positive recognition from one of the foremost media outlets.
  8. The intent of the protesters is obviously to keep up the pressure, to get recognition for the plight of millions of Bosnians who feel they have been stuck in a rut for the last twenty years. 

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