Friday, January 18, 2013

Queen for a Day


I am at this very moment feeling very desired and... well quite frankly, a little nervous because I have had most amazing and flattering news! Two exceptionally talented and lovely people have nominated me for the 'Very Inspiring Blogger Award' and I am thrilled and also a bit alarmed! Here I thought I might be running incognito dot com all these years when in reality...

I am inspiring someone out there!

 I believe 'inspiration' is a word every passionate person wants to hear in relation to themselves. So, my intent, besides following the prompts inherent to promoting the Award, is to continue to inspire - doubly inspire as of now.

The next step is doing what I love to do in life anyway - discover creative jewels-  other wildly inspirational humans beings that care about important stuff and write damn good blog posts to prove it and share these writers, artists, painters, cooks, lovers, leaders with the rest of my world.

My dear Soul, Sandrea Gea Guevara, author of the blog where the self proclaimed multiculturist and heartist lets us read her incredibly luscious poetic words has nominated me, with love and generosity, as an inspiration. For her! 
Sandrita is as exotic as she is poetic and is a fierce visionary in her literary and business aspirations as much as anyone I know. Getting a nomination of inspiration from her means much to me and I am on the moon about it! 

Sandra herself was nominated by another gorgeously talented woman named Sezin Koehler who is not only a published and well regarded author but somehow finds the time to write a mountain of story lines in various blogs many related to Monsters & Gaga -  all of which she keeps up with seeming effortlessness. I adore her and fortunately she adores me too because she nominated me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award too! To think that I inspire Zuzu, who speaks her mind every moment of the filters...this makes me strong! 
Watch for her, she's going to be big. Hulk big

Thank you goddesses for shining your light on me!

As an honoree, here's what you need to do in order to join the "Very Inspiring Blogger Award"  once you've garnered a nomination...
Thank and link the blogger that has nominated you
Post the award logo to your own blog 
Write a post on the nomination and nominate (15 or so) other very inspiring bloggers
Notify them and then tell seven things about yourself

For inspiration I go to

Sedef's Corner - Ueber gorgeous, history, art, painting, I get lost every time
Fork and Pen - Where a really really smart woman talks about really really good food
loveisspeed - I have no words for how visually luscious this blog is, stories about 'them'
Goddesschess - Entranced. By all of it
Dumneazu - Ethnomusicological Eating East of Everywhere - like I need to say more
I Viaggi dei Rospi - Alessandra, Italian mommy blogger who along with
Silvia Ceriegi at are two of the most connected and informed women on the planet what relates to Travel & Kids. And, did I mention Italian?!
Ken Albala - A prolific food historian with no fear, doubly intriguing for his non recipe-ness
Mark Sink and his wife
Kristen Hatgi Sink - make you want to study photography and get undressed, not necessarily in that order
The Rambling Epicure - Ms Galloway writes daily about food, art and life. Lovely.
Bazar Bayar - Sharing tales and scrumptious handmade crafts from Turkey
The Sassy Radish - Food, glorious food... tantalizing

Favorite subjects besides food, photography & travel? Bosnia & politics, which for me means one man..Marko @ Greater Surbiton.
There are a many more blogs that inspire me located on my blog roll.. take a look it will make you happy.

~~Now. Seven things about me I've been keeping a secret...~~~

~I love to drive really fast and once made it from the Mittlerer Ring to the Starnberg exit in 6 minutes at 260kph. Having said that I lived the first 25 years of my life thinking that I would be chauffered around by various family members, boyfriends or taxi drivers and didn't learn how to drive till much later than most

~My whole life I have pretended that I love to fly, but the reality is that I am  terrified of it and have to force myself to do it for the thing I ironically love doing most - traveling. I might or might not be a pretty good actress

~I have never sung in the shower, let alone in public or even in a closet for fear that someone might hear me... but sometimes driving down the highway late at night...I will let out a peep

~I am crazy about Bill Nye the Science Guy

~My middle name is Paola. I am named after my Bosnian grandmother

~I may or may not have once been Miss March. I know, huh?

~I never ever watch TV though I adore films and could watch 20 documentaries a day

Have fun checking out the nominees!!

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