Sunday, March 11, 2012

From the Attic

Clearing house. Always good but sometimes difficult. And so often surprising. I had forgotten these days in Milano when I first set out on my own. These are treasures because it's really all I have from that time.  The 'book' with all the tear outs and beautiful pic's was lost as soon as I came to the States. Maybe in the back of someone's car, in the drawer of a jealous boy, who knows. It was a long time ago.

Foto - Fabrizio Gianni

Foto - Fabrizio Gianni

Contact Sheet - Fabrizio Gianni
 These pictures are from a shoot for a magazine, I don't remember which, maybe Amica or Elle that Fabrizio Gianni 's  wife, a starkly beautiful person was modeling in. We had friends in common. I ended up using the pictures as 'provini' to put into my show 'book'.  Since Fabrizio was a very celebrated photographer, it was a really big deal for me. They were both very nice to me from what I can remember of that very warm summer day in the middle of the city. I remember that on that shoot one of the models was telling horror stories about another very famous photographer who had a very vicious way about him. I took it all in thinking I would probably not like that sort of treatment, no, not at all.

Modeling days? I don't know. The truth is that I was not 5'10" and my body too voluptuous for any serious type of 'high' modeling jobs. After a bit of running around like all the girls in Milan,  I looked into studying languages at the Instituto and directed my interests to culture instead.

It was a dream but not the dream to become a model. Soon, I only occasionally worked in that field, mostly make up and TV commercials and instead  concentrated on my studies and writing my impressions of the wild and interesting people around me. It was, and probably still is, a crazy mess of rich men and ambitious young girls, overtly beautiful and  some terribly debauched characters in between, all dancing on the same dance floor. People in the modeling business are infamously predatory and often wildly unkind. If you don't have the constitution of a rock you can get pretty messed up. I met a lot of gorgeous, doe like creatures with track marks on the back of their legs,  living on a leaf of lettuce a day. Not all, but many. With support from a fiercely loving mother,  I thankfully divined that this was not my path. Pretty pictures and incredible memories remind me that I am still whole and healthy, the way I started out.

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