Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Mad Dash to Arash

No coffee in the house, a lawn party on Sunday with gift required and on top of that Mary Day celebrations coming up on Monday gaaaaaa!  near hysteria! The thought of going to the bulging Bulgarian store on Arkansas Avenue was alluring - but, as Deshi san was out of town (this is a place we only go 'accompanied') that was out of the question.

What were the options? We needed fat sugary dates to go with our almonds, we needed above all to buy fresh vegetables that wouldn't ruin our weekly spending limit (why do we forget to buy at the Wednesday farm market even though we work the Wednesday farm market?) and desperately we needed Bosnian coffee. I found coffee beans in the pantry but since our coffee mlin is tucked away in storage....no grinding possible.

Then the Queen had a great idea! We should go to Arash, the Persian store on Yale and Hampden.  Yes, that Yale and Hampden, a million miles away, through the Glendale Corridor up Parker. Might as well be the other side of the moon! I was loathe to make the trip (traffic and stupid drivers) but since it was a lazy Sunday afternoon and we were starved and ready to compromise on a much lesser option, we jumped into the car, settled in for the drive, got there in no time and the day was saved.

This is the bounty that we bought home.

The after Arash table

Fresh Dates

Sweet Dates
Fava Beans
Fava Goodness

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