Thursday, January 6, 2011

True Women

Here is a short story about Taryn Andreatta  and  L Anne Enke. Both women are, for different and similar reasons, very special to me and why I mention them on my own blog today. This article is Anne's discovery of Taryn a few months ago. In the blog post, my name was featured prominently as the stylist on the photo shoot (by Meghan Savage) and it is precisely this kind of generosity of spirit that makes me feel proud to be a friend to both women. Taryn is a beauty and she is a decent human being. Intelligent and kind. She is genuine in her simplicity and yet in her art, her modeling and dancing, she is fierce and daring, something that no ingenue can pull off by mistake. I love that as a young woman she is as together as many women twice her age sometimes only wish to be.
Sensuality News's recent interview where Taryn expreses her ideas on her art and motivation is clearly an homage to Taryn by Anne who strikes me as a  wildly intelligent and thankfully, sensual person. I believe in Anne, who like Taryn and myself, is fiercely dedicated to freedom, the feminine and the exploration of what it means to be a woman in this world.

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